The History of our Christmas Lights

thumbnailOur display has its origins some years ago - in fact from before we lived at Sefton Villas.

While visiting some friends who live near Shefffield, we had the chance to go to the Garden shop at Chatsworth. While there we saw, and purchased, our first decoration at the Garden Center. That tenative step into this regular orgy of colour and light was a simple shooting star - small lights fixed to a simple frame which flashed and looked like it was whizzing through the sky. That was in 1996.

shooting star Our shooting star was fixed to the front of the house where our flat was in South Holmwood. Highly visible from the main A24, I often wondered it it would form a traffic hazzard. Fortunately, it didn't. We stll have that decoration and it forms a special element of the display today.

2004Christmas Lishts in 2004

2003Christmas Light in 2003

2002Christmas Lights in 2002